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Thursday, July 19, 2007


'Eevening. Are we to be subjected to the "Craigorian Chants" again?

Just asking as the last time the repetition was about as entertaining as endless re-runs of Gilligan's Island.

No, on second thought, that might have been preferable.

You know

"As this place is unmoderated the posting is instant and we can say what we like."

Well ... no, we can't all say what we like.

Certainly not when David develops an irrational hatred of you, libels you and then introduces an invention (the ridiculous notion of 'comment spam') and bans you when you seek what is reasonable - a retraction and apology.

Father Park

That was me, of course. My sister-in-law's computer doesn't know me.

I'm waiting for the AFP to come get me shortly for the reckless use of another's broadband.

I'm at the in-laws'. The local bottle-o's selling Church Block for $15.99. A-bloody-mazing. So I'm, of course, having some.

The Sunday Telegraph is delivered here. I only ever check Matt Price's pieces (and some others - Greg Sheridan's generally fawning fructose doesn't appeal) online so it's been the equivalent of stepping into a new world rerading the entire editorial/opinion section.

If I can type coherrently I might post a pissed observation or six.

Another bottle and those observations may become incontinent.

Justin Obodie

Just back from the pub, takes 45 seconds to get there and sometimes days to find my way home, but that’s the problem with Potomacs, they simply have no sense of direction, especially when pissed.

The interesting thing about building demolition is it is somewhat of an art; takes planning and preparation by experts and to the best of my knowledge a building such as number 7 has never been prepared in such a record time.

I would dearly love to speak to the crew who did such a perfect job. My Dad was an engineer and he was somewhat amazed at the speed in which number 7 was prepared for demolition.

My Dad also thought it quite feasible that the twin towers collapsed under the circumstances, especially if you study the design and the manner in which the floors were pinned to the steel frame. And especially if the steel used to pin those floors was of substandard material. As soon as one floor goes, the whole building is history, but we all saw that with our own eyes.

A conspiracy, I doubt it but the people who built those towers may have used substandard materials, therefore a sleeping fuck up so to speak, but I guess they never planned on two jets crashing into them.

AS far as building 7 goes, I’m still wondering.

From Wiki:

“Numerous small explosions are used to catalyze the collapse, having been strategically planned within the structure and timed to occur in concert, often detonating within milliseconds of one another. Days or even weeks of preparation frequently precede such an event.”

By the way steel framed buildings have never collapsed (or so I have read) as a result of fire, except the twin towers and number 7.

Father Park

...just when you think its all gone away, the next coat of spray goes on.

Just like a gout of guano from the arsehole of a cormorant.

Pretty much sums up Dammo's site: the squirted excrestions of a shag.

Harry Heidelberg

I am not one to hand out compliments for no reason......... here are a few other things about this group.... they are smart, have a sense of humour and have common sense. They are also direct. Each of us have no hesitation in saying the other is talking crap.

It seems to me the regulars here have deep experience in the real world. With that comes respect.

Take a bow members of Club Chaos!

Harry Heidelberg

Yes it has been fun CK and I hope it still can be.

This site has had its ups and downs. It was only back in May that I pronounced it dead. I hadn't posted in a week as I was very busy and thought I was bored with the whole thing.

June and July then were quite active.

This blog goes back and forth.

I hope we persist because I love the freedom of it. As this place is unmoderated the posting is instant and we can say what we like.

It's a good group too. Diverse and interesting.

I don't think it's over yet... and remember this is coming from a man who has often pronounced this place dead!

I was off Webdiary for more than two years. I never thought I would go back but when Yelwor left an unexpected window opened.

Margo likes it when I am "considered". I suppose here I can be unplugged which is something I really enjoy.

We don't take things too seriously around here.


Gee that's soooooo scary. I can't wait Don't leave it too long will you lad.

Charming chap isn't he folks? Makes one wonder what he lives on. Sour dough perhaps.

Far more important things to do? Coulda fooled us. How many words all up now. 4000 odd for me, for Will? For Harry? For Eliot. For Margo? Is there time for anything else in your life beside hate. Ever tried love for a change? Oh never mind. I know a lost cause when I see it. Bye bye. Have fun.

Damian Lataan

All in good time Hyacinth; there's no rush. Besides, I have far more important things to do than cater to your arrogant, manipulative oversized ego or your husbands madness me girl. I may take weeks or even months but, just when you think its all gone away, the next coat of spray goes on.
As for what you have or have not figured out, I really couldn't care less. It may come as a surprise to you but I don't leave stuff here for your benefit. I leave stuff here because I choose to with total disregard to what you or anyone else thinks about it. Why? Because Harry's dumb enough to let me.
Your mere presence here consorting with these assorted warmongers, liars and lunatics confirms all that I have said about you. You truely are among friends here.


Oh I think they've all here got you figured me lad, and don't need to figure anything in regard to anything you might say. Updated my bio over there lately? Keep up, keep up boy. Don't let me down. Started on the mad Scot yet? Sorry no time to drop by.

Damian Lataan

It seems Ck, that you are a lot more perceptive than the others here seem to be.
Just for everyones information, it takes at least two to three weeks of planning and setting up to demolish a building the size of WTC7 - not four hours!
Go figure.


"I'll see what I can't do"

Yep, aim low Father, my motto in life too.

Harry - shame on you. I suppose I'll have to get used to it, now that you've all gone back to roving at WD. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

Father Park

Perhaps I'll recklessly post a photo...

Father Park

I'll see what I can't do - if Harry doesn't.

Love the "Bertie": my younger sister calls me that. We don't see each other much nowadays.

Yes, I'd heard it on radio on Thursday I think but found nothing in print until yesterday. It's looking awfully bloody silly isn't it? UK coppers laughing at us. How in hell are any of those - now so inexticably involved - going to get themselves back out of the mire?

They'll simply deport him on some specious grounds I suppose.

Got to go check the Osso Bucco in the slow cooker and get a Guiness for the rugby. I believe I may recklessly swallow several tonight.

If I can get my son off my computer I might whack an innoccuous photo up or some such.

Harry Heidelberg

Sorry CK. I will post something new later today.

I was too busy at the other site.


Bertie - that news came out a few days ago.

I'm still puzzling over how one gives somebody a SIM card "recklessly". If anyone can walk me through the steps, I would be very appreciative.

In the meantime, could someone PLEASE post something new!

The Looney Toons pic and the Lataan indulgence thing became beyond tedious about 72 hours ago.

Father Park

The look of this is going from bad to base. In today's SMH:

Federal police sources said yesterday it had been confirmed the SIM card was not found at the scene of the Glasgow Airport attack, as prosecutors had alleged during Haneef's bail hearing last weekend.

It was found in the possession of one of Haneef's cousins, Sabeel Ahmed, hundreds of kilometres away in Liverpool. The sources said they had been aware of the error for some time, but no attempt was made to correct the public record.

In Britain, a source close to the investigation confirmed the SIM card was found in Liverpool, and said the Australian police were considered a laughing stock by Britain's Metropolitan Police for allowing "such a major cock-up" to happen. "Australian police have got their wires crossed. This is very embarrassing for them. The police here are laughing at the Australian police, saying, 'What on earth have they done?' [Haneef] is clearly more of a political case than a police case."

Given that those same AFP sources claim that this was known for some time - no attempt being made to clear up the public record - did an AFP prosecutor lie to a bail hearing?

Oh dear, the whole thing is beginning to smell like a refuse bin out back of the Sydney Fish Market.

Father Park

The CoW shoulda taken the guy on the grassy knoll before Going into Iraq. Everything would now be going swimingly.

The US Mafia, having got the Kennedy's, talked Rumsfeld and others into Iraq so as to divert attention from the drug trade in Afghanistan.

A flight attendant, with a strange accent that swallows vowels, wouldn't allow David Lyons to leave his seat on the flight to Kiwi. He now has a blood clot.

You lot have to get with it. Reality is a conspiracy.

Justin Obodie

Jay, a person's politics has little to do with character, I have many friends from both sides of politics and they are my friends not because of their politics but who they are.

I would argue that your comment regarding my previous contributions to WD was far to complimentary but thanks old chap for the kind thought.

It a lovely day today and I'm off for a wee snort at the local, just 45 seconds away.


Justin - fires in the building started at 9.00 am, or thereabouts, the building came down about 5.40pm.

I gather that explosives were put in the basement only, which was enough to bring down a burning, falling apart building.

Justin Obodie

How long does it take to prepare a building of that size for demolition?

And has anyone engaged in the preparations discussed same?

Just wondering.


World Trade Center Building #7 was a controlled demolition Harry.

The owner made the decision to pull the building, to reduce any further danger to firefighters or the public.

Justin Obodie

Sorry Hy for my ignorance, I haven't been to Damo's site so keeping up to date on names and things gets a little tricky.

Kath darling I sent a pic of the BSA to Margo this morning but Jenny may be correct in saying it could crash the site.

I'll post it to Harry if you want a peek at three toed one from days gone by, but you'll have to guess which one is me.


Correcton. It was the CPA not the ACP. Maybe they were much the same back then.

Now Geoff. One would think if the Yanks could manage 9/11, planting some nasty stuff in a desert would have been a piece of cake.

See you folks. Heading north west. BTW. Thanks for returning that roo you pinched from the top paddock. But we coulda done without the 1000 head bonus.

Geoff Pahoff

Damo has been doing some sums. He has calculated that at least 6,599,999,980 people in the world like him.

"Out of a population in the world that’s reckoned to be about 6.6 billion there are millions… well, not millions; hundreds of thousands… well, not hundreds of thousands; hundreds… well, maybe not hundreds; scores… no, not scores; dozens… well, not dozens, maybe a dozen… well at least eight at Harry Heidelberg’s right-wing lie and hate-site that don’t like me.
Tim Blair’s hate-site could at least muster fifteen. Mind you, three of them were from Heidelberg’s."

And so he is encouraged to press on. The people are with him, you see ...


Ah Justin BSA.. It was nice of Margo to post your little piece my love.

Especially considering she wouldn't have understood half of what you were going on about, not being a member of the motley crew that comprise "Club Chaos!"

I liked it though...Lol!

Ps Don't forget Margo wants a pic of the BSA!


Now cher Justin. All this conspiracy manipulation stuff from Damo has contaminated me. Thought you was referring to the mad Scot. Iain is John to them in case you didn't know, so watch what you say. And this one hasn't had a reefer for nigh on thirty. Big domestic back then. Well who the hell would put the mixed herbs in the freezer. If in doubt, chuck it out. Such an innocent country girl here.

Now Harry. Don't be jealous. Just coz my CV is reaching 4000. Why JH? Maybe his liar detector malfunctioned on him.

Secret. When old mum got fed up with Frazer, having never voted anything but Liberal in 60 years, she switched her vote to the local ACP candidate. Am still trying to cope with that one.

Geoff Pahoff

The theory goes "They" pulled off 9/11 in order to justify attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. "They" wanted an oil pipeline in Afghanistan, you see, and Iraq has oil. Also this was to help Israel, who are in on all this, and may well be "They". In the process, "They" invented the myths of Iraqi WMDs and Al Quada to keep people terrified. "They" are also behind most if not all terrorist attacks, including London, Scotland, Bali,Israel etc which are really false flag or "black op" operations to make Muslims/Arabs/Palestinians look bad.

"They" stuffed up bigtime in Iraq though when they couldn't produce any nice pictures of nasty WMDs. Why "They" couldn't, when "They" were able to all this other stuff, is yet to be explained by the theory.

But don't worry. It will.

Anybody who believes a fig of this nonsense is of course not worth debating on his level. The only interesting, if frightening, thing is just how many people are prepared to entertain this stuff, and just how much it informs the thinking of the modern left at one level or another.

It's like some kind of mental contagion and it raises questions about the nature of the species. I can't help seeing Nazis goosestepping in Nuremberg whenever I read some 9/11 et al spittle.

It's not to be laughed at.

Harry Heidelberg

One thing I find truly strange is Lataan's recent obsession with Jenny Hume. Margo says Jenny is left of centre and I am happy to go along with that but Lataan says she is a right wing maniac like everyone else. Get a load of this from Lataan:

"Welcome to John Howards New Fascist Australia ably helped along by the right-wing at Webdiary and the likes of lying propagandists like Jenny Hume who’d feel right at home with the likes of One Nation and Pauline Hanson"

I was looking at You Tube the other day. Someone was suggesting that BBC News reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building #7 a full twenty minutes before it actually collapsed.

What, you didn't know the BBC was in on this thing as well?

My, my, how naive you are.

It's the biggest conspiracy of all time and only Lataan truly gets it.

The people who did the alien autopsy at Roswell are the same people who did the Kennedy assasinations, yeah both of them, and the WTC controlled demolitions.

La la land

La la looney

La la Lataan

Come join the fun in la la Lataanland.

Jay White

Only joking about Father Park! I like his stuff. Mostly never agree with it though.

Jay White

Thanks for your kind words Justin! Jay has been out of late. A few health issue's.

You are undoubtable, one of the best posteres webdiary ever had. Saying nice things about me goes a long..... way!

Look and learn Father Park!

Thanks again.

Justin Obodie

To tell you the truth Hyacinth, my dear old gran and I occasionally shared the odd reefer.

And of course I’m sure you must be sooooo woooooooried that your darling may be feeling a little threaned by Maxine.

Maybe a little green weed is what Jonnie needs hey Hy.


This gal has been too long in the bush cher Justin and does not know what the hell you are talking about. Please explain. Oh must not say those words. Damo will get ideas again.

Justin Obodie

My dear old gran had a perchant for the green weed, took the odd puff now and again, a dear old Scot and I loved her dearly.

I trust John is not getting nervous about that Maxi women, hey Hy.


Cher Justin. We won't talk about brandy if you don't mind. Knocked granny out cold I did. A cup to settle my heart, please dear. So how was a kid to know a cuppa brandy is not quite the same as a cuppa tea. Well not when you're touching 90 that is.

Justin Obodie

Probably not Kath m'dear, probably not.

So hows trix Kath?

and howzit Hyacinth,

come back for a wee drop of white feather, a brandy balloon of a cosy cuppa..

Just think how cold it would be without global warming?


You're right.
I do not think that Justin would approve!


What's this Yeah Geoff stuff Kath? You, Geoff and the floor. Not a good idea my dear.


Yeah Geoff! I'm off the floor mate..

Father Park

Twisting the History of the Twenty-First Century by Ignoring Fact

The goose poses as an "historian".

Sorry, he's an Histerian.

Will Howard

Hmmm ... well it is a bit odd that Lataan would go after me, for two statements of well-documented fact. Namely Bin Laden claiming credit for 9/11 attacks; and the Arab attack on Israel in 1948. Both easily checked and verified.

The other issue is a matter of opinion but hardly a remarkable one.

I certainly stand by them, and note that there is no documentary evidence refuting them presented in the Lataan algorithm's output.

But those were statements I made a while ago. I think there's a bug in the program that has it fishing around for older material. The programmers need to update the code.


Oh well. Fame, easy come, easy go. But why am I feeling sorry for him and not me? Funny thing the heart. Fickle and reckless. (25 OK - JO?)


Will, I believe some congratulations are in order. You have knocked Jenny off the headline at the fruit bat times!

Well done Will, but Jenny please dont give up the fight. I expect something long and drawn out.

Mike, Damo may get very worked up if this keeps going. Is there anything we can put in his water. Actually there is something in the water down that way already so scratch that idea.


Oh I don't think defend would be what the Scot here would have in mind CK. And I have to give Damo his due. He knows how to make a gal laugh. Kathy. You off the floor yet?


Anyone seriously seeking to defend themselves against anything that Lataan says is very likely in greater need of help than Lataan.


The biggest delusion in Lataanland. 1. She is brighter than him. Him being the mad Scot here. Dimmy's planning to deal with him after he's boiled stewed and fried this fish. Should I warn the poor boy? That is the question.

2. He is a right winger! So what the hell was he doing up there over the Square in'58, personal guest of Mao. Hell, the phone was still bugged twenty years later though I am not sure the meat order gave them much to chew on.

Harry Heidelberg

Yelwor is talking about memes again on Webdiary.

Harry Heidelberg

Yes it is still standard practice and they do it in the United States as well.

Geoff Pahoff

I'm saying nothing on this Brisbane thing until there's some worthwhile information available. The press are jumping at shadows like a bunch of billy goats on a cliff. Whichever way the thing turns out this is a very serious matter. It is either a grave threat to security picked up by good luck rather than good work or it is as ugly a breach of civil liberties in Qld since the Joh era.

The Gold Coast (formerly Southport) Hospital is our local public hospital. Various relatives have been born or died there over the years. I had my appendix out there at 13 and was revived there after an asthma attack at 7. If there is or was some crazy jihadist on the staff I for one want to know every last detail, sooner or later.

BTW, does anyone know whether it is still standard practice in public hospitals to ask patients their religion in the admission papers?

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