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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Craig W

Err Ben, (or should that be Waka?) firstly, Im not a lefty. The verdun fruit bat has a stock in trade of conspiracy theories, so its rather funny to see the self styled "radical leftist" and you and your Neo Nazi goon squad agreeing on things. Forgive me for being cynical but after reading some of the outlandish "theories" that Damian posts you really expect us to believe it was "just a glitch" and it just happened to appear within minutes on both sites?

I have a nice bridge for sale in sydney Ben, wonderful views, well maintained... are you interested?

Ben W aka Aussie Patriot

one other thing.

I am not "anti-semitic" I am anti-zionist and anti-jewish-supremacist. Quite a difference.

Ben W aka Aussie Patriot

For gods sake people!

Leave this guy alone, he didn't send it in nor did he give me permission to post it. A bunch of different articles are sent in all the time to the PAD blog, sometimes this kinda thing happens, thats why I deleted his unauthorized article.

Jeez, you leftys are nutters!

Damien has nothing to do with me, this is why I complied to his request that i do not publish his work on our blog.

end of story kids.

Damian Lataan

This article, despite the fact that is a neoconservative one from the ‘Weekly Standard’ is interesting as it shows how desperate the neocons are in trying to get the vast majority of their fellow Jewish-Americans behind them. It also demonstrates the fact that, despite their tiny numbers, the Jewish-American neocons, the mainstay of the Israeli Lobby in the US, are able to wield a disproportionately large amount of influence – or at least have been up until now.

When Will They Ever Learn...
Why do so many American Jews hate the president who stands by Israel?
by David Gelernter
“FOR YEARS I have watched the Palestinians do absurdly self-destructive things, and have never understood them until now. But watching the Bush administration stoutly defend Israel this week against the background of an American Jewish population that vocally (often sneeringly) dislikes him and his administration, and consistently votes by massive majorities for his Democratic opponents, I start to understand the Palestinians just a little.
American Jews are not Palestinians and have not sunk to the level of supporting terrorist murderers. But their behavior is a lesson in self-destructive nihilism that could teach even the Palestinians a thing or two. U.S. Jews remain fervent supporters of an American left that is increasingly unable or unwilling to say why Israel must exist. Of course American Jews, like all Americans, define their interests in terms of many issues and not just one. But there is a reason why so many used to put Israel's safety near the top of their lists: Israel has been caught in a life-or-death struggle since birth; American support is critical to her survival.
True: Jewish support for President Bush moved upward in the 2004 election relative to the 2000 figures. It moved all the way up to 25 percent. During the five presidential elections of the 1970s and '80s, American Jews averaged 35 percent support for the Republican candidate, so 25 percent for Bush in '04 was not exactly a landslide move to the GOP. But even this pint-sized move seems to have petered out earlier this year. Jack Abramoff does not make an attractive spokesman for Jewish Republicans. The fall of Tom DeLay silenced one of the best friends Israel ever had in American politics, and one of the most effective symbols of Republican support for Israel. So the pattern of the '90s is likely to continue: American Jews move left as the left moves away from Israel.
Merely look at American universities and their disastrous left-wing tilt (many are close to capsizing), and check out recent studies that document a startling deterioration in knowledge of and sympathy for Israel on U.S. college campuses, and you will learn plenty about the American left and its increasingly anti-Israel tendencies.
When you vote for a presidential candidate, you are voting to award jobs to a few of his supporters, and influence to vast numbers of them. Most Democratic politicians speak up for Israel. But grassroots Democrats are increasingly dangerous to the Jewish state (not to mention the American state). Still, American Jews vote for (and bankroll!) Democrats. And each time they repeat this performance, the risk is greater.
Will they risk it again in 2008? Will the Arabs force Israel into yet another round of catastrophic, self-destructive bloodletting after this round is over? In both cases, probably yes.
American Jews (especially the intellectual leadership) have a tragic history of acting against their own professed interests. In the years before Pearl Harbor, U.S. intellectuals on the whole (especially New York intellectuals) vehemently opposed American entry alongside Britain into the war against Nazi Germany. Of course many New York intellectuals were not Jews, and many American Jews didn't care for New York intellectuals. But journals like Partisan Review helped shape the cultural climate--and were fiercely antiwar until Pearl Harbor--and were shaped, themselves, by Jewish intellectuals. Leading Jewish intellectuals signed a Partisan Review statement explaining that "Our entry into the war, under the slogan of 'Stop Hitler!' would actually result in the immediate introduction of totalitarianism over here. . . . The American masses can best help [the German people] by fighting at home to keep their own liberties."
Before Pearl Harbor, many prominent (non-intellectual) U.S. Jews failed to support war against Hitler because they were scared--understandably if unforgivably. Anti-Semitism was still real in this country, Jewish influence in America was brand new, and Jews did not want to be blamed for involving their country in another world war. Which makes the case of Partisan Review and other intellectual organs so fascinating. In some respects, left-wing Jewish intellectuals were admirably fearless. Most were Marxists and didn't give a damn what the country thought of them. Nonetheless: The Partisan Review crowd did not speak up for war against Hitler. Just the opposite.
Read that ancient Partisan Review statement and the truth hits home. The problem with the American Jewish left, from 1940 through 2006, is not malevolence but naiveté--naiveté so great, it is the next best thing to stupidity. Naiveté is an occupational hazard among all intellectuals. But American Jews at large respect their intellectuals as much as any group does, and more than most--and way too much for common sense.
The Palestinian Arabs who cheer terrorists on do so out of hate, which is far stronger than intelligent self-interest (or any other emotion). American Jews used to act out of very different motives; used to vote left out of idealism. But that is starting to change. As the left-wing agenda dries up, nothing remains to feed on (if you are used to getting your nourishment left of center) but the bitter weeds of hate. And thus the tragic, pathetic surge of hatred for George Bush on the left, including among left-wing Jews. As I heard someone say last week, "I think Bush is doing great on Israel. Naturally, I still hate his guts."
For those who continue to insist on voting Democratic, the future is written in a recent column by Richard Cohen--who explains that the "greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake." Who advises Israel to "hunker down," while "waiting (and hoping) that history will get distracted and move on to something else." It is hard to understand why Israel is a mistake if Switzerland isn't--or the United States, or any other nation or (for that matter) human being. Cohen himself is occupying space right now that someone else could be using, and maybe wants to. The earth's surface did not expand to make room for him. Births have outstripped deaths on this planet for many generations. But we are not in the habit of demanding that human beings justify their existence or be mowed down, and the idea is equally bad in the case of nations.
Life is valuable in itself--human life or the life of nations; one of the main differences being that it is so much harder to create a nation. That the Israelis have done so--have created in fact a free nation and a hugely productive one that treats all its citizens humanely and is a world center of science, medicine, scholarship, and argument (all flavors)--is one of the stunning facts of modern history.
And, of course, the origins of no two nations more resemble each other than Israel's and America's, both created by Europeans clutching Bibles, searching for freedom, prepared to fight for a room of their own. Both populated by human beings, a species not noted for perfection. Yet both strongholds of democracy, freedom, and tolerance nonetheless. Anyone who has decided that Israel is a mistake is likely to come around to the same view of the United States.
But let's consider Cohen's offensive question anyway. Imagine how Jews might have fared in the Middle East over the last half century with no Jewish state to protect them. Would they have done as well as the Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans? Or would they all be dead, along with countless other victims of mass-murdering Arab tyrants? Or should the Middle East have been "restricted," like tony New York clubs in the 1930s--no Jews allowed? And Europe doesn't like Jews any better than the Middle East does; should Europe be restricted too? And what about America?
But Jews no longer have to ask such questions. Cohen may not be so sure that Jews have the same rights as other nations, but thanks to Israel's existence the question is closed and his view no longer matters. One thing is certain: Palestinians and left-wing American Jews would understand each other beautifully if they ever got together for a conference on refusing to face reality.”

Damian Lataan

Not content with simply killing innocent civilians, the Israeli Zionofascists are now using phosphorous incendiary bombs against the civilian population.

This is a war crime.

Individual Israeli air force pilots and their Commanding officers are liable for these crimes.


Jay White

Thanks for the tips Damo. The simple words in the English language are the hardest to learn. So many connatations and so many ways to write them.

It is a tough world but I think I can soldier on. "‘You’re" still a exposed dunce though.

BTW there is no secretarial postion available today. And in "your" case I do not suspect there ever will be.

pat moshea

CharLataan .8b seems to be getting a little heated; if you want my opinion it's much more serious than a coding error in the bot output loop & recursive looping. What it really is, is an old 70's hard wired analog rhyhym sequencer & an autodialler stuck together with gaffa tape that someone's scripted a perl web api for with rudimentary dictionary substitution capability. They've only got 2 tape loops that still work.

You know Will, if I did not know better I would say that the mad hatter is having a peculiar type love/hate affair or fixation with your mind. A sort of crush which is quite strange for a 60 year old man to say the least. At first I only thought it strange that he devoted page after page to telling the world of your archness. Now I have his number. He loves you. If he ever calls you a goat, run for the hills!! :-) But really, trick cyclists could make a career on material like this; you can imagine the thoughts running through his head, being tortured by the knowledge that you are so damn reasonable & believable that he himself must struggle to keep the faith. But wait a moment... what about the others out there, those that aren't so strong of mind & belief? Surely they'd have to believe that Will Howard - damn, didn't I until I drove my HB pencil into my arm & came to? He must be an arch deceiver to achieve that. But I forgot; the others... they too must be saved (they're too weak to do it themselves). Will Howard must be stopped at all costs from appearing reasonable to them while he argues. (plus he'd be all mine) I must inform them he is but an arch deceiver. Shaitan! How is it otherwise that he seductively speaks such tru... oww, I meant lies - that pencil brings welcome pain again to my senses. I must not think of Will Howard... must not, Will Howard. Howard. Wasn't that the name of Richie's dad in Happy Days? He was nice too. Ouch!! Thank you, trusty pencil! I must not think of this arch deceiver. I know. I will write web pages about him being ARCH. (I also get to type his name:) But in a bad way. Did he not almost seduce me with his t tt trr trruu ouch! LIES! Quick - there is work to do! I must expose myself to him. Ouch! ouch! ouch!! I mean expose HIM to the world!

Damian Lataan

The dunce Jay White reckons: “Your still a exposed dunce though.”

Learn to read as well as write. Lesson number one; what you should have written is ‘You’re (or ‘you are’) an (not ‘a’) exposed dunce though.’

I’m afraid the only dunce that has been exposed here Jay White, is you!

Jay White

Hey if I add "endnotes" would it make your stupidity even more stark?

I'am guessing the marks to get into your course were not that "high"? Thank God for user pays and John Howard I'am guessing your thinking?

Jay White

And this from Geoff Pahoff:

“I celebrated wildly when that filthy bag of puss, ‘the old blind wheel-chair bound spiritual leader’ finally kissed what was left of his miserable fanny and did the world the enormous favour, albeit somewhat forced, of departing from it for all eternity. Thereby correcting a major anomaly in the order of things by being born in the first place. Or not drowned slowly at the first opportunity. The slimy ignorant lying slice of toxic shit.”

Actually you uneducated dunce this set of quotes is not racsist in the slightest. There is not one mention of ethnicity. It is actually directed at a single person for his actions not so his race.

It is also the thing you claim when you speak of zionism rather than judaism. Zionist as opposed to Jews. Exposed again you dunce.

Please somebody throw in the towel for Damo's sake.

Jay White

Damo "Sums you up Jay White. Priceless!!

Glad you liked it. I thought it was pretty good too.

Your still a exposed dunce though.

Damian Lataan

The ‘dunce’ Jay White reckons:

“I was said you were a dunce.”

Sums you up Jay White. Priceless!!

Damian Lataan

The only racist crap on this site Jay White, is this from Konstandinitis:

“Of course it is EXCELLENT news that Israel is FINALLY sticking up for itself!What neither the Pals, nor the western bourgeois left, seems to be able to get their think [sic] heads around is that Israel could have destroyed Egypt, Syria, AND Jordan AND kicked the Pals out in 1948, 56, 67, 73, etc. The only thing stopping them every single time was the US!All this would have been over DECADES over [sic], if the U.S. had just let nature take its course.The wretched camel-jockeys have NO right to be in the Holy Land and the sooner they catch the next magic carpet or camel sleigh to Jordan, Syria, or Egypt the better! The Israelis MUST seize this opportunity to totally turn around the whole tedious farce of the middle east. It is time to bitchslap the fetid Mohammedans into next week. Vaporize the pigs!A world without Muslims would be a lovely world indeed!”

And this from Geoff Pahoff:

“I celebrated wildly when that filthy bag of puss, ‘the old blind wheel-chair bound spiritual leader’ finally kissed what was left of his miserable fanny and did the world the enormous favour, albeit somewhat forced, of departing from it for all eternity. Thereby correcting a major anomaly in the order of things by being born in the first place. Or not drowned slowly at the first opportunity. The slimy ignorant lying slice of toxic shit.”

Jay White

Damo you came here to "expose" people. The only thing you ended up "exposing" was yourself.

I was said you were a dunce. Again with the fullness of time I have been proven correct.

Jay White

Damo "In the light of the criminal bombardment of Lebanon, support for Hizbollah among Arab nations is growing to the point now where even the head of the American puppet government in Iraq is condemning the Israelis and giving tacit support to Hizbollah. It is only a handful of Arab governments that have come out against Hizbollah; governments like Kuwait that have close ties with the US. The peoples of these Arab nations are in support of Hizbollah and that support is growing rapidly. Many Arab fighters are now heading toward Lebanon to help the Lebanese people defend themselves against the Zionofascist invaders".

You sound a little desperate in the face of what is actually happening. I think this whole fiasco brought on by Hezbollah has proved one thing, that being Israel is not going anywhere.

It would and always has been in the best interests of Arab governments to accept this and get on with life. Take a close look at the real weaknesses in their prespective socities and start trying to address those problems. There is more to life than just hatred and fighting.

Your desperate because like all first class urgers you need somebody "anybody" to do your job. This has been the way for your kind ever since European nations changed their ways.

Most of what you write is thinly veiled rascist crap. Most people here are on to you and I would suggest have been for a long time.

The only thing you wish to see from Arabs is the adding of "fresh meat for the grinder".

Damian Lataan

In typical Will Howard fashion whose lies and deceit has been exposed:

Garbage in, garbage out!

This time with an attempt to both patronise and impress by some pseudo-intellectual crap.

Will Howard

Lataan 0.8beta output:

"His latest piece of deception is to offer something by Ahmed Al-Jarallah, a well-known neoconservative supporter who is also a friend of Ahmed Chalabi the notorious Iraq criminal who fed the lies to the neoconservatives in the Defence Departments Office of Special Plans which got the war against the Iraqi people off the ground."

This program has always relied heavily on the guilt-by-association subroutine. The problem now for Lataan 0.8beta is that it's now stuck in a recursive guilt-by-association loop caused by subroutine calls from another program - Patriot_Down_Under 1.1. Well, you know what they say, "live by guilt-by-association, die by guilt-by-association."

The error message from the Lataan 0.8beta program reads:


Program output also includes this: "Readers should be aware that Kuwait is one of the most pro-US governments in the Arab world. (Funny isn’t it, that all the Arab governments that are pro-US don’t seem to have any ‘democracy’.)"

Well-informed and intelligent observers of Mideast politics, including most readers of this blog, are already well aware that hardly any Arab governments, pro- or anti-US, are "democratic." The first country in the Mideast to give Arabs the vote was Israel, in 1948. Aside from Iraq, no Arab government has ever subjected its claim to power to a vote. Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, and Egypt have moved towards some modicum of democracy, if not full enfranchisement. All are US allies. In particular, Egypt and Jordan are the collective recipients of billions in US aid dollars.

"Ahmed Al-Jarallah words do not reflect the opinion of the Kuwaiti people."

Perhaps not all the Kuwaiti people, but enough to show there's a serious split. It's highly unlikely that Al-Jarallah speaks only for himself.

In any case this comment simply begs the question of whether Lataan 0.8b has actually gotten input data on the "opinion of the Kuwaiti people" or this response was pre-programmed into the recursive "rebuttal" algorithm, which simply incorporates the words of identified "opponent" commenters into a "negation" grammatical linguistic construction.

Though the programmers who coded Lataan 0.8b are to be congratulated on the degree they have been able to simulate almost-human responses to a specified set of keywords ("Israel" for example), development continues on some aspects of the program. In particular, the "falsehood self-detection" subroutine does not thoroughly error-check the output files before the 'bot output loop posts them. This has caused the program to be caught in a number of "false-output" errors, affectionately called by the programmers "PORKIES."

Damian Lataan

I note that the Master Liar, Will Howard, is attempting once more to spin the tiniest of straws that he is able to grasp saying that Arabs are ‘pissed’ at Hizbollah.

Utter nonsense.

In the light of the criminal bombardment of Lebanon, support for Hizbollah among Arab nations is growing to the point now where even the head of the American puppet government in Iraq is condemning the Israelis and giving tacit support to Hizbollah. It is only a handful of Arab governments that have come out against Hizbollah; governments like Kuwait that have close ties with the US. The peoples of these Arab nations are in support of Hizbollah and that support is growing rapidly. Many Arab fighters are now heading toward Lebanon to help the Lebanese people defend themselves against the Zionofascist invaders.

As for support within Israel for the actions of the Zionofascist government, this comes as no surprise since the government has handed control of the media over to the military who continue lying even to their own people. Nonetheless, Gush Shalom, the Israeli Left peace organisation was still able to muster considerable support for peace when it held its rally in Tel Aviv last Sunday where over 5000 protestors demonstrated against government policies and expressed solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese people.

Will Howard

The current conflict in Lebanon has exposed divisions on both sides:

1) On the Arab side, as I have pointed out, voices are actually saying, out loud, that they're pissed off at Hezbollah. This unprecedented public criticism is showing that many Arabs are questioning the usual party line that every problem is the fault of the Zionists. Implicitly, as Jay has mentioned, this is also a chink in the usual armor of deflection and denial the Arab regimes employ to avoid scrutiny of their own abysmal records on economic, educational, and social development.

2) On the Israeli, the peace camp is also divided. Peace Now, while still sticking to its opposition to Israeli occupation of the West Bank, has stood with the government in its stand against Hezbollah. (It does help that its co-founder Amir Peretz is defense minister). The peaceniks are feeling betrayed. They actually bought the rhetoric from the Arabs, and from the Western "Left" that it was just the "occupation" they opposed, not Israel as such. Now that the hard "anti-Zionist" Left has shown its true colors, the Israeli peaceniks are doubly pissed off and ready to fight.

Damian Lataan

I note that the pathological Islamaphobic lunatic, Burrows, is continuing with his desperate attempts to cast me in the neo-nazi and anti-Semite mould by lying about whether or not I gave permission for an article I wrote could be published on a right-wing neo-nazi website. Burrows says that ‘Ben’, the editor of the website concerned, says that I gave permission.

Ben says no such thing at all.

Ben says only that it was sent in by “…one of the regular contributors.”

Burrows has joined the other Islamaphobic pro-Zionist right-wing racists that spread theirs lie from this site.

I note also that Burrows moronic mate, Jay White, is also experiencing feelings of desperation as he struggles to find words to insult me with. I am, according to the foaming Jay White, “…a no good low life grab”, and also “…a self loathing drop-kick”, whatever that’s supposed to be.

Jay White

Personally I also do not have a problem with Nazi's, Communists, religious nuts or anyone else for that matter excerising free speech. If this is the case they are also entitled to their "sites".

Free speech though was not what you had in mind posting your hate over there was it?

Jay White

Damo if you are not a neo-nazi it makes it even worse. Posting adverse things about people on this site (most are not even Jewish, some are) on a known radical site in a backdoor attempt to intimedate people (or inspire others to do the dirty work more like) for their views is truly the lowest action I have seen on this medium.

You are a no good low life grab! I would ban you for that alone. That goes way and beyond free speech.

You really must be a self loathing drop-kick.

E Burrows


Ben said that the author gave his consent.


Jesus Damo, do you really think anybody is falling for this routine of yours?

pat moshea

Just wiping the coffee off the monitor. --- And in the same way he slides around his support for hezb'allah. Non answers. Oh that is rich - conducting 'black ops' against the zionofascists himself on 'caring' sites as well... don't it put a new light to his love of conspiracy & 'caring about history'. The only thing funnier would be finding out he is also muslim.

Damian Lataan

While our attention is focussed at the moment on the crimes that the Israeli Zionofascists are perpetrating on the Lebanese people, it should not be forgotten that the Palestinian people in the Gaza and the west Bank are also continuing to suffer under the heel Israeli Zionofascism.

In the last few days Hamas fighters and many civilians have been killed as Israeli Zionofascist terrorists attacked homes in the central Gaza region. Meanwhile, in the West Bank town of Nablus civilians have died as Zionofascist terrorists bombed and bulldozed civilian and government buildings.

Israeli Zionofascist war crimes continue unabated.

Like I said Burrows, ‘Ben’ did not mention me at all. I have never contributed anything to that site. Personally, I’m not in the slightest bit interested in whether you accept that or not. If you don’t then – tough.

The only ‘spin’ here Burrows is coming from your pathetic drivel.

E Burrows

Crashskeptic wrote: “Out of curiosity, was it emailed by the author Damian Lataan, or somebody else?”

‘Zoomingin’ wrote: “Did the author of this post consent to being posted here?”

Ben replied: “Listen mate, if something is sent in by one of the regular contributors then it goes without saying.”

Get a grip, Damo. You're delusional (more so than normal) if you think you can 'spin-doctor' your way out of this.

It's over. You've been exposed for the lying piece of filth that you are.

Jay White

Damo you have been caught out you lying scumbag. If the evidence was not enough already this is the final piece of the jigsaw.

Anybody mentioned favourably by you I bet is now trying to jump off the page. Now I understand about the "private emails".

You could have made a statement and ended this a long time ago. Of course you did not because that would upset your "friends".

Caught with your hands in the cookie jar, lucky not in some of the nations you fervently support, it would be cut off by now.

End-game for you dip-shit.

Damian Lataan

Not at all E Burrows. You really should pay attention and read it carefully.

‘Crashskeptic’ wrote: “Out of curiosity, was it emailed by the author Damian Lataan, or somebody else?”

Then ‘Zoomingin’ wrote: “Did the author of this post consent to being posted here?”

Ben then wrote: “I see a few haters are gathering and probing with their oh so inquisitive questions... Listen mate, if something is sent in by one of the regular contributors then it goes without saying.”

‘Ben’ doesn’t say that I sent it in at all; he merely says it was sent in by a ‘regular contributor’ – probably some trouble-maker like, well…you Burrows; someone really keen to wrongfully cast me in the anti-Semite or neo-nazi mould.

The only ‘bullshit’ here Burrows, is the clutching at straws and frothing at the mouth garbage you and that other moron Jay White comes out with.

E Burrows

And one final comment for the night that Damo might like to reflect upon...

As we all know that Damo is a big fan of conspiracy plans (like "9/11 is inside job", etc). His fantasies require black-flights, and false-flags, and missiles and/or car-bombs, and hundreds of passengers and their families either kidnapped, murdered or collaborating, etc, etc, etc....

Now it's been repeatedly pointed out to him how difficult it would be to pull off such a plan as it would require the collaboration of thousands of people in many locations working together, and then all of them keeping them mouth shut afterwards.

Most people know this is utterly implausible. Was it Winston Churchill who said: "The only way to keep a secret between three people, is to kill the other two" ?

Well, given the woeful failure of Damo's "conspiracy of TWO" which has been exposed within days, I hope he might reconsider the plausibility (ie. lack thereof) of his many pet conspiracy-theories....

Jay White

Damo and you had the hide to accuse me of a number of things over the years. Along with your untruths and besmirching of my name.

You fucking lying filthy little prick.

E Burrows

I'd also note that Damian has now achieved the ***Number One Spot*** in the blog-roll of "Patriotic Alliance Downunder". (It's on the left-hand side of the screen if you scroll down a bit.)

All your lies and deception paid off, Damian. You've finally become a big cheese in the neo-nazi blogosphere!

Life is looking up, Damo. Soon you will be rolling in sweet, sweet cash from the frenzied fascists clicking on "Google Ads" from your blogs. And you can cancel that order of balsa wood - you won't need to build that bi-plane in the shed anymore. You'll be able to buy your own jet!

Yes, that's what it like for the "influential bloggers" - just a sweet gravy train.

Oh, and did I mention the chicks?

Jay White

Damo you fucking lying disgraceful little grub. Not even the guts to say where you stand. A heart the size of fucking tic-tac.

Con artist!

E Burrows

Damo writes: "Jacob, I don’t even know what the PAD blog is let alone how any piece I wrote got there. I ONLY post here, on my own blog and other well defined left-wing blogs. I also occasionally leave comments at some mainstream media blogs. That’s it. How stuff ends up on blogs that I would prefer them not to end up on is not within my control. That’s the nature of the blogosphere."

Bullshit. And here's the proof.

Sorry Damo, but Ben from "Patriotic Alliance Downunder" has dobbed you in.

Did the author of this post consent to being posted here?
# posted by zoomingin : 11:15 PM

Listen mate, if something is sent in by one of the regular contributors then it goes without saying.
# posted by Patriot Alliance Downunder : 11:30 PM

And now for possibly the only honest thing Damo the neo-nazi has posted:

"Most people who know me on the net know where I am coming from."

You're right about that.

Jay White

Wandering through the fields of Verdun he would turn the milk sour!

With some people it is just best to avoid. Do not ask me why it just is.

Jay White

Why any person would continue to argue with Lataan I do not know. Similar to giving up smoking I guess.

The man is a know nothing imbecile. Like attempting communication with a first year babe in the woods student. His grasp on life and how things ACTUALLY work is so naive as to be quiet pathetic.

Fuck it, I will say it, the guy is a born loser.

Damian Lataan

Dylan, you can consider whatever you like. Israel has and is committing crimes against humanity by deliberately bombing civilian structures and vehicles regardless of who are in them. Israel planned this attack against the Lebanese and Palestinian people long before any Israeli Zionofascist troopers were captured. You can spin it whatever way you wish. The world does not support the criminal Israeli Zionofascist government.

Dylan Kissane

Even if I inferred it, I made it clear in my response that I don't think anyone else's crimes justify a crime in response. not sure how I can make it clearer.

Should I consider your lack of engagement with my response to your first question an admission that Hezbollah is committing crimes?

Damian Lataan

Dylan, you inferred that Israeli crimes were justified because of Hizbollah crimes. I said the US is colluding with Israeli in war crimes and you then came back with “Is Iran colluding in Hezbollah crimes”. What else would you be inferring?

I repeat, no crimes can ever justify further crimes.

Dylan Kissane

Damo: "Dylan, first off, what crimes have Hizbollah committed and, second, since when does one crime ever justify another being committed even assuming Hizbollah have committed any?"

The answer to the first question would include (under international law): firing rockets into civilian areas without adequate guidance systems and in the knowledge that casualties among civil persons is likely; doing the same with the express aim of injuring or killing civilians; hiding weapons in places of religious worship; taking hostages.

The answer to your second question is even easier. I didn't suggest it did and I don't think it does.

Are you suggesting (and I am drawing this implication from the questions you asked) that Hezbollah has done nothing criminal?

And, yes, I realise that Hezbollah is not a party to any of the international conventions by which the acts I listed would be considered illegal but if that is your only excuse for the non-illegality of their actions then it is pretty weak.

Damian Lataan

This in today’s ‘New York Times’ is revealing:

“Support for Hezbollah is clearly swelling across the Arab world, with many people enraptured that the militant organization can still launch missiles across the border nearly two weeks after Israel unleashed fearsome military muscle. Syria evidently feels the tide is running in its favour, particularly since crucial American allies like the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan are noticeably edgy about how, in contrast, much of the public in their own countries has scorned them for supporting Washington and criticizing Hezbollah.”

Throws a different light on things that the Liar Will Howard would otherwise have us believe.

pat moshea

yes I'm that dumb to think that the cost of precision guided weaponry tends to make it prohibitive to use it indiscriminately. next you'll say they're using it to carpet bomb the place. indiscriminately carpet bomb, that is. whoops i meant indiscriminately carpet bomb with precision guided widgets after circling in stacks. that's the nasty bit.

i would call you a quim but it would denigrate the real thing.

Craig W

And you are the most nazi of bloggers Damian (next to... ummm err )

Damian Lataan

Moshea, are you really that dumb? One has hi-tech guided weapons to hit specific physical targets, i.e., buildings, etc. Since the Israeli’s do not care who is in these targets, the killing is indiscriminate.

You really are the thickest of bloggers (next to Jay White, Craig W and Pahoff that is).

Jay White

I would also be shocked if Australia was silly enough to send peacekeepers or anything else to Lebanon. When a riot breaks who do all and sundry round on when they arrive? The US has made the correct decision and any politician sending troops to this region will not be thanked later.

I believe Israel is quiet capable of handling this situation on their own. Up until now at least they have been doing a fine job.

Without finishing the job on Hezbollah nothing will be achieved and the situation will soon be back exactly where it started. This situation needs more than ever a finality.

pat moshea

ah I see... the mat hatter has never heard of any hizb*allah crimes before. but he wants to tell us that whatever crimes they have comitted are not justified by any other crime.

Damian Lataan

Dylan, first off, what crimes have Hizbollah committed and, second, since when does one crime ever justify another being committed even assuming Hizbollah have committed any?

Jay White

That is why Lataans favourite fairy story the so called ex-socialist neo cons will not be running away with the bank.

That is not and never has been how things quiet work around those parts.

pat moshea

"rushing another shipment of sophisticated precision guided bombs ... to indiscriminately kill ... people"

hahaha - but why do you even need high tech whizbangery to kill indiscriminately?

hizb'allah kills indiscriminately : the IDF does not.

Jay White

Michael it is also surprising that the money side of things for the US does not get more of a mention. The fact is wars cost money and plenty of it. They also use up huge reserves of people power.

Now forgetting the rights and wrongs of any situation there is a limit to how far things can be pushed. Money and people power are not infinite, even for a nation as large as the US.

I could imagine one or two faceless treasury officials somewhere quietly pulling their hair out. Mention the word Iran and I could concieve of a complete physical breakdown. This question larger than any other will be what the next US election is decided upon.

Lataan like all educated idiots is living in the land of fucking nod if he thinks otherwise!

Damian Lataan

Will Howard continues to lie and deceive. This report from the BBC about UN emergency chief Jan Egeland’s visit to Lebanon demonstrates that things are indeed as bad in Lebanon as being reported and, if any thing, worse.


Once again the Australian Israeli Lobby’s Resident Liar Will Howard attempts to hoodwink readers.

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