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Friday, October 27, 2006



Well, Microsoft's new licensing schema, which requires that you have a CAL for any named user (ie someone who logs onto your site) is probitively expensive for most websites now. None of my clients have asked about MS based solutions for about 18 months now. So most stuff these days is based on open source tools to some extent

even if this was true you could just not use MS authentication. problem solved. most public websites don't use MS integrated authentication anyway.

Solomon Wakeling

In that case Harry, perhaps I shall put them behind me! I shall devote my energy to this governor-general blog Noel wants me to create and treat webdiary as a foreign country with whom I maintain good relations.

Harry Heidelberg

If they put the past behind them, they'd have no future. They live in the past.

Solomon Wakeling

Harry, yes! Something totally different. Ack, this is the perfect opportunity to put the past behind them! All they need is music.

Harry Heidelberg

A new philosophy?

What you mean a turn away from control freakery and leftism?

Forget it Solomon. It is in their DNA. They could never envisage a different world.

Solomon Wakeling

Christ, I think it is time for webdiary to start afresh. They probably even need a new philosophy.


I, for one, suspect the evil hand of Halliburton, working out of the Adelaide office of their KBR subsidiary, in all of this.

I mean, they couldn't have stuffed up all by themselves, could they? Somebody else must be to blame, as always.

Dave Green

I use a lot of open source technology in my own work. It is extremely rewarding, and you can't beat the ROI - IF you know what you're doing. If you don't you totally blow the ROI out on time (which == money).

Harry Heidelberg

What do you get when you cross a dog in the manger with a deer frozen in car headlights?

A Webdiary management team meeting.

Dave Green

Agree, basically. Doing IT as a business is something you really need a hard head in. When stuff breaks its extremely stressful. And when you're stressed is the exact time its hard to think your way through problems. Deer in the headlights happens when you haven't planned for problems. I've been there myself, but never again.

Harry Heidelberg

By the way, when I go there now I get that stupid "Forbidden" thing again.

The cry for help has even been taken down.

Harry Heidelberg

It would take 10 minutes to set up a new Typepad account (assuming they were stupid enough to close the old one)... get a few posts up, open up for comments and make light of the ongoing technical issues. Then in 3 weeks from now when they fix up the real site they can cut back to that.

Instead they wanna do dog in the manger victim stuff.

Just leave the public face of it a farce rather than go into recovery mode.

Deer frozen in car headlights deserve to be run down!

Dave Green

Yeah. They should have had 1.Availability targets 2. a capacity management target and 3. a disaster recovery / failover strategy (Harry's typepad solution is as good as any). If you have that in order then you can't go wrong (unless people just hate your site!).

Harry Heidelberg

Ooooh becuase we can't make Drupal work and we can't get the archives up........we have to act like deer in car headlights.

What kind of fucked mindset solves problems like that???

Never EVER vote for the things they believe in.

This is how they would run the country.

Backyard solutions that don't work... and then when they don't work... no fucking clue of the obvious work around solution.

I wonder what their Disaster Recovery Plan was?

Shit, if you are dumb enough to build your own thing, you'd need one.

I don't need to have a DRP because Typepad is mine. They have a DRP. I don't need to have one.

It's like building your own car. When it breaks down, you have no dealer to go to to take it in for a service!

Nutters. Utter nutters.

Jay White

Harry "The idea of having NOTHING there for DAYS is really extraordinary"

It sure is.

In a market place such as cyberspace I imagine it would be easy to forget something. Habits are hard to break. Once broken (like going to webdiary) that is usually it.

They may very well lose some of their last remaining posters out of this. Perhaps that is a good thing? A fresh new start anyone?

Harry Heidelberg

For FUCK'S sake.

Can someone tell those COMPLETE FUCKING CLOWNS to open a Typepad site....... point webdiary.com.au at it and start posting content and comments?

The stupidity that they act like deer in headlights when they get a technical glitch is incredible.

Not a single one of them is a problem solver.

Clearly... because otherwise by now they would have up a work-around solution.

Instead they remain frozen for days.... like deer in a car headlight.

Pathetic, isn't it?

Harry Heidelberg

Strict was their middle name.

They were strict about EVERYTHING.

Strict about moderation, strict about this, strict about that.

The defining features of Webdiary were that it was illiberal and strict.

I suppose we may as well start writing the obituary.

If only they had used their strictness for niceness instead of evil.

Harry Heidelberg

The idea of having NOTHING there for DAYS is really extraordinary.

It is the reason why around the world, few socialists hold elected office.

Pretty hard to get there when you can't find your way out of a wet paper bag.


That should have been "strict" ...

see how easy it is to, um, not be strict?

Harry Heidelberg

Can someone explain to me why they can't just put up some new posts etc and sort out the DB archive issue later?

I mean even if the opened up the old Typepad site I made for them, that would be a start.

They could point webdiary.com.au

Knowing them though they probably stupidly closed that account.

Gee, $14 bucks a month.

Too stupid for words.

The world is full of blogs that work and they managed to build their own that doesn't.

It is like building your own car or own aircraft.

Nice for a hobby but not what you want if you are serious about something.


Oooooooo, drupal has very strick coding standards, so that was their very first mistake.

Firefox use it for their software, so it's obviously not a pile of shit if you know what you're doing.

No idea why anyone would be using it for a blog though.

They don't seem to have identified a system to which they want to migrate though, merely "one that works".

Not looking encouraging.

Harry Heidelberg

Horse has bolted.

For some stupid reason, right from the start they decided to go with some woodshed / garage homemade thing.

Craig W

This is what the "technical problems" message says now.....

"Webdiary is experiencing technical problems:
please try later

If anyone has any idea how we can transfer the DB from drupal to a system that actually works, that would be good
* NB - the fact that no-one seems to be able to access the DB is the complicating factor ..."

Exciting isnt it?

Harry Heidelberg

No idea Dave.

I know nothing about it. Some Wiki thing I think. Drupal?

Jay White

Harry "Why even bother bringing it back?

Maybe their not?

Is it normal for a site to be down this long?


Perhaps they had trouble keeping the error notification up Harry.

Dave Green

"Harry: Yeah I am sure the issue is with the site itself. Remember it is some open source thing they built themselves. No doubt it is complex. The volume may have got to it all. God knows."

Well, Microsoft's new licensing schema, which requires that you have a CAL for any named user (ie someone who logs onto your site) is probitively expensive for most websites now. None of my clients have asked about MS based solutions for about 18 months now. So most stuff these days is based on open source tools to some extent.

But you're right, an overly complex solution - open source or proprietry - is going to have problems.

Do you happen to remember the setup they used Harry? Which database? Server? Language? Just curious.

Harry Heidelberg

Oh well I must be crazy then.

The reason I wrote the comment was because there was no notice when I looked at 7:11 Saturday morning US time!

But you tell me it was up Friday.

I stand corrected and shall immediately check into rehab.


That was up a few days ago Harry, I had a look when you did this post, and the little message was up then - Friday.

Harry Heidelberg

Webdiary have finally put up a public notice re their technical issues.

Maybe they should just forget the whole thing.

Why even bother bringing it back?

Harry Heidelberg

The thing I don't get is why they don't at least put a notice up as to what is going on. Surely they can do that without fixing the entire site? Just leaving it like that for days without a public notice is stupid.

I would have thought a notice that comes up when you go to webdiary.com.au would be easy to arrange.

Fixing the actual site may not be so easy though:-(

Craig W

As Tim Blair has often remarked, I think the cost of putting things in bold must have got too much :)

Dave Green

Doesn't their provider have some sort of service level agreement on site availability? Standard practice in the industry.


OK I just looked. Its a glitch. Something on the site itself. Weird.

Cool. I just saw firefox 2 doing spell checks for me as I type :)

Harry: Yeah I am sure the issue is with the site itself. Remember it is some open source thing they built themselves. No doubt it is complex. The volume may have got to it all. God knows. All I know is that in a self built thing is hard to fix when it falls over. Who do you go back to other than the original builder? There are *certain* advantages with proven things like Typepad and WordPress. WordPress is a good one which is very easy to customize and they could have hosted themselves. For some truly bizarre reason, the technical aspects of building the site became CENTRAL. The central issue should have been content and users, not techno babble. They were possessed though about the urgent need to reinvent wheels and all the rest of it.

Now the wheels have fallen off.

Kathy Farrelly

Should Old aquaintance be forgot and never bought to mind.
Should old acquantince be forgot and days of old lang syne?

C'est La Vie Eh?

disclaimer: It's Friday night and I am ...

hmmmm.. pissed!

Jacob A. Stam

Or am I wrong? Wasn't the database 'down' last weekend?

Jacob A. Stam

Yes, second weekend outage in a row. Not nice for mgmt or users.

Harry Heidelberg

I make light of it but part of me feels a bit sorry for them. There is nothing worse than technical issues.

I even felt sorry for Typepad when they had some.

Big technical issues in something like Typepad and people are likely to leave and not come back.

Jay White

CK, you are one ruthless lady.

I think I like it!


Maybe they ran out of coins down the back of the couch and couldn't pay the $10 hosting connection this month.

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