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Thursday, September 17, 2009



Caz your stupidity knows no bounds.


Jolanda - yes, you dunderhead of a woman, we all know what a site metre is and the data it provides, if one is interested enough and has so much time to waste.

You have to go in and examine the data - on purpose, actively, deliberately - it's not as though the handy-dandy site metre sends out a pigeon or an alert every time someone drops by your blog via a hyperlink on another blog.

Your vanity knows no bounds.


Caz it is good to see that things haven't changed and you are still daft.

Blogs have things called site meters and they show the blog owners the traffic that they have had through their website and through that you can see who has accessed yor website. That is how I know if something is being said about me because I get hits on my blog from that website. I would be a fool if I didn't check to see what was being said and there is no way that I am not going to respond.


Harry, Harry, Harry!

For all the bleating, at least two of the kids did attend the *special* schools.

In addition, two of the kids who are subject of Jolanda's unrelentingly histrionic and defamatory campaign against the dept of eduction are already at university.

Personally, I'm still waiting for her to start defaming nasty tutors and lecturers. Now that would be a stoush worth watching.

It's scary-sad the way Jolanda pops up as soon as anything is posted about her. Holy-crap: does the woman Google herself daily? I always thought vanity searching was a joke, obviously not.

It's like pulling the legs off an insect Harry. Cruel after a certain point. In this case, like taunting the disabled.

Hope you've been well.

Harry Heidelberg

Because I have never seen anything like it.


I sometimes wonder Harry, why does Jolanda and her cause continue to interest you?


Harry I will give up when they do the right thing or I die. Whichever comes first. Nobody does this to my children and gets away with it with no consequence. At least by speaking out they are paying a price. God knows we have paid.

Harry Heidelberg

Well it has been going on so many years now. I thought eventually you would give up!


Harry is still doing his stuff.

I don't know why you think I would stop Harry.

Harry Heidelberg

Check this out:


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