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Sunday, November 08, 2009



Bloody hell cobwebs and cockies everywhere - again!

I suppose I will have to clean the place up - again!

The pool table has crap all over it and I can't find any balls at all.

The plants look withered and dead and there appears to be a vagrant sleeping out in the beer garden.

Oh well best get to work otherwise Santa may just give this place a miss.

Hope you get to feel Mary and Gaye this xmas Harry - that's if they let you.

Harry Heidelberg

I remember once Polly Bush and I found an abandoned blog. Or at least one no one took notice of. This is now in that category. Maybe Kathy we can start a dialogue here but then again you are on my Facebook which at least shows you where I am. I don't put pictures of family, friends or colleagues on facebook so mine mainly consists of happy snaps, comments, snaps of booze and food. People get quite sensitive about privacy so that's why i don't put anyone's photo up.


Hey! It was good while it lasted.eh?

Whatcha been up to Harry?
Miss you much!

Harry Heidelberg

True Kathy. It wasn't really open much as I hardly posted to it at all!


Was it ever really open Harry?
C'mon mate, a half hearted try at best.
You are capable of so much more, and you know it!

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